The hoosie in Kavousi

Crete 65 006 2

It was Burns’ Night last weekend and although, as far as I know, the Bard never visited Crete, had he done so, he might well have come up with the title line above. As it was, our good friend Annie from Tanzania included it in an email recently, as she looked forward to the next posting! So thanks to Annie for giving me an excuse, if one were needed, to excite you all with the next thrilling instalment!

I have spent much of the time, while Sheila has been away in South America, pottering about doing things in the house. I had thought that my DIY days were over – far from it!

A lot of time has been spent dealing with matters electrical – never my strong point. We always had lights in every room but most of them did not have lampshades, which was odd considering that the vendors left all the furniture and other fittings and many other things besides like bedding and towels. And alarmingly, there were a number of wires hanging from walls and ceilings which may or may not have been live!

Now Sheila and I have never been very good at lighting but before she left, we went to a shop in Ag Nik and bought a selection of shades and up/down lighters. H2 had given us a couple of spots and so all that had to be done was to fit them. Right?

Wrong because firstly, I had to switch off the supply and this required some understanding of the switch board! Brian, who lives up the road, a qualified electrician in the UK and fellow Arsenal fan offered to help. Suffice it to say that we still have not entirely got to the bottom of which lights and power points are connected to which fuses (some are even connected to two!) but things are clearer and as a result I have been able to fix up most of the lights, although not all are actually working! So the house looks much better than when Sheila left three weeks ago and I think she will be pleased with it when she arrives home next Sunday.

The saga of the Wall continues but really there is nothing new to report, other than a huge amount of frustration on my part. But this is Greece after all so why am I surprised that no one understands the concept of urgency? Σιγά, σιγά!

One or two people have asked to see some pictures of the inside of the house so here are a selection. The last one is of the spare room awaiting the first guests!

Crete 66 030Crete 66 033

Crete 66 034Crete 66 024

Crete 66 015Crete 66 026

Crete 66 031

Sheila Copocaban beach 2Sheila, by the way, is currently in Rio strutting her stuff on Copocabana beach with the other beautiful people! She and Jane seem to be finding it difficult to split their time between sightseeing and the attractions of the beach – it’s a hard life. Decisions, decisions! On Monday, they are off to a tropical island for three days rest and recuperation after the hardships they have endured on their travels! And then it is back to the UK on Friday where Sheila will spend the weekend with Graham and Emily.

I mentioned Burns’ Night earlier. Without the resident Scot the occasion could easily have slipped by unnoticed but I had bought some haggis in the British Shop in Ag Nik a few weeks back, so I invited H2 over. Hanneke had her Greek dancing class on the Saturday night, so we had a lunch the following day. I had made some carrot and tomato soup to start and although there were no neeps, we managed with carrots instead, supported by broccoli! A quantity of whisky was consumed – seemingly too much on my part as I could not remember important details of the conversation the next day, apparently!

Crete 66 003We were hoping to walk but the weather was not good enough so we had a short hike around the village admiring the almond blossom. Walking has been called off today as well because of heavy rain but at least it is warm rain! However, yesterday, although overcast, saw Bonnie and I get out into the hills. We drove up to the old olive tree above the village, parked the car and took the road to the ruins of the late Minoan settlement of Azorias.

Sheila had walked up there a few weeks ago and raved about it. I need to find out more about the place because clearly these folk were great builders and they also had an eye for defence but also beauty. The views from up there are stunning – the Gulf of Mirabello, the gorge and the mountain backdrop and it looks straight down on to our house!

Crete 66 010On the way back we stopped to light a candle at a delightful little church tucked away on a bend in the road. So Bonnie and I rested awhile on the wall outside, made our wishes, put out the candle, admired the almond blossom, went back to the car and home for our tea.

So that’s the latest from the hoosie in Kavousi. Now I must finish putting up pictures in the spare room!



2 thoughts on “The hoosie in Kavousi

  1. david730

    hello john just discovered your blog while playing around with pc.i have a house in armenoi between sitia and makrigialos which i purchased in usual it was a ruin but after all the trials and tribulations it is now lovely.i have some blogs on blogger if you are interested.i have subscribed to your blog so look forward to reading more of your stories.i live in tramore co waterford ireland but originally from london.i will be driving through kavousi in april on way to house
    kind regards


  2. Annie Francis

    House is looking great, and Bonnie must be very happy in her special position near the wood burning stove. Only a few days till Sheila gets home, I hope you have completed all the tasks she assigned to you before she left! xx



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