Bye Bonnie!

 Bonnie 2003 in heather

Today we said a very sad goodbye to our much loved Bonnie.

Bonnie and RosieOver the last two or three weeks, she has had a major deterioration in her health. She had another lump – not a particular problem in itself but symptomatic of greater problems to come. A more immediate issue concerned her hind legs which suddenly became unstable. We had been with her to the Vet twice in the last two weeks and he thought that there was a neurological problem which he wanted to control with drugs.

However, we had decided some time ago that when her time came we would like her to go without this stage ie not to suffer at all, whether as a result of stress or pain and not to lose her essential nature as an active bouncy hound and more to the point not to be stuffed full of pills unless there was a cure.

Bonnie as puppy

Well, we know there is no cure, so it was a no brainer. The complication is that we are leaving for Scotland at the end of this week. In a perfect world, we would probably have left it a month or two but we could not do that because we have no alternative but to leave on Saturday.


So we talked it over and decided that we would ask the Vet to put her to sleep. I have been through this twice before but it was still a horrible decision to have to make and carrying it out was even worse!DSCF0034

We are of course very upset and we know that anyone who knew our wonderful dog, will be too but in the circumstances, it was the only responsible and caring thing to do. She has had a good life, has been much loved and admired and we wanted her to retain her dignity before she went. I think we did that. She looked so peaceful, which did not help us a lot but we knew she had not suffered.

We can also remember her as she was and not as some poor old thing kept alive on pills.


Our good friends here in Crete, Hans and Hanneke, agreed that we could bury her on their land and they chose a wonderful spot overlooking the beach where we often used to take her. We buried her there this afternoon and later in the year, we will plant a tree on the spot to mark her memory.

Crete 59 033She has been my friend and companion for thirteen years and a more faithful, obedient and friendly beast, a man could not wish for. I don’t know how I will cope with her not being around – we grew old together and I would have liked a few more years.

Memories are many but personal, so I’ll just let the pictures tell the story.

Bye Bonnie – you will be sorely missed!

Many thanks to Michalis and his staff at the Vet Clinic in Ierapetra.







14 thoughts on “Bye Bonnie!

  1. Mairi Marlborough

    So very very sorry John – she was a lovely dog and a testament to your love and excellent care and training. What beautiful words and pictures and a great tribute to a loving and well loved pet.
    With all our sympathy
    Mairi and Norman


  2. Ann

    So sorry to hear about Bonnie but you made the only decision possible – to let Bonnie keep her dignity to the end. XXX


  3. Annie Francis

    We really feel for you both today, it’s just so awful to have to take such a decision but for sure it’s the right one. We have been through losing dogs and it’s so much worse to see them suffer and struggle. You will miss Bonnie a lot, she was just such a lovely dog. Big hugs. xx


  4. Antonio Peditto

    The english man and his dog, thereafter we asked in Kavousi three weeks ago. You are still there and Bonnie will remain a part of your life for ever.
    Nino & Giovanna


  5. Jan Kelsey

    Lots of hugs and love. Bonnie was a lovely dog with wonderful “parents” Lots of happy memories sss


  6. Pat Marsden

    So sad John. You must feel bereft. But it sounds like she had a wonderful life and you were with her at the end. Love to you both from Pat x


  7. John Larke

    John, So very sorry to hear of Bonnies departure. My acquaintance with her was short but still in my mind. Have also been through this twice and as you say a horrible experience and racked with guilt. All the very best to you and Sheila. Hope Scotland treats you well. All the best, John Larke.


  8. M and D

    We’re really sad to read the news about lovely Bonnie. She did indeed have a happy life and was a faithful and well loved companion. What an ideal resting spot for her – she can gallop on the beach like a young pup for all eternity. And what a cute pup she was.
    M & D x


  9. Derek Gibson

    John, I am so sorry to hear your sad news. As you say Bonnie was a lovely dog with a wonderful good nature and I’m sure you will both miss her terribly.I know it must have been such a hard decision to make but you know it was the right one for her.

    Best wishes


  10. Martyn Peters

    John and Sheila,
    Having followed your adventures since the beginning I was very sad to read your most recent post about poor Bonnie. Having been through a similar situation with our own beloved dog some years back I can completely understand your great sorrow and all the other mixed emotions. All I can add, to give some comfort, is that I thought your moving words and pictures were a wonderful and fitting tribute to such a well-loved family member, now departed, and reflected what a wonderful life you shared together.
    With very best wishes.


  11. Loni and Norm

    Saying goodbye to your wonderful companion Bonnie is sad news indeed. You gave her a wonderful life and lots of love which she was well aware of an appreciative. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time.
    Loni and Norm


  12. Alison Flynn

    So sorry to hear about Bonnie. I’m sure she will be as happy in her resting place as she was in her life when she was so obviously loved as a family member and friend. We are thinking of you.


  13. Veronica Willins

    Veryvery sorry indeed John and Sheila -have just read the sad news of Bonnie and a more human pet man could not have asked for!! So lovelyto follow all her stories and wonderful adventures with you throughout her very happy and full life. What a lovely and fitting tribute to her and as always the pictures say it all. The final photo of you with her John is just beautiful – what a wonderful couple!! Sincere sympathy to all and a massive hug for you both. Love Veronica xxoo .



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