One helluva birthday!

Crete 87 049 02

It was my 69th birthday last Friday. Thanks to everyone who remembered and to those who thought it was my 70th. Do they know something that I don’t?

Arguably, it was one of the best birthdays, if not the best but there again, at my age you don’t to remember things too well!

We had Auriol and Pete (friends from Namibia) and their daughter Helen, staying with us, so the day started with breakfast on the terrace – yes it is still warm enough – well just about.

Crete 87 028Helen had made a wonderful cheesecake so that made for an interesting menu. Then, I was allowed to open cards and presents, which included an all expenses paid trip for two, to Thessaloniki in January from Sheila – I think she is planning on coming too!

Our visitors gave was me a beautiful woven bowl from Namibia to add to the bougainvillea which had been presented a day or so earlier and a book arrived courtesy of the Greek postal service from James.

Crete 87 029


Crete 87 059










I received one card congratulating me on reaching 70, which caused much merriment! Does someone know something I don’t and no, it wasn’t from Mystic Meg!

Thanks, Alasdair!


Crete 87 030

Calls from both Graham and sister Bridget followed together with an email from Rosie in Wisconsin before we finally left for our day out to Myrtos and Tertsa on the south coast where the weather was predictably at this time of year, both more sunny and warm.

Crete 87 046 02In fact, by the time we reached Tertsa, it was hot enough to sunbathe and swim which most of the party did before we repaired to a favourite taverna for lunch. The taverna was in fact closed for the winter but the family were there and cheerfully opened up, positioned a table and chairs on the beach and served up a beautiful lunch of salad and feta baked in the oven, together with fava and fried aubergines. Νόστιμο (delicious) as we say in these parts!

A further hour of sunbathing followed before we headed home to a Champagne tea!

After all this excitement, a short rest was required before it was time to head for Bobo’s taverna in nearby Pacchia Ammos. Those of you who have visited us will know that this is one of our favourite eateries hereabouts. The food is simple but always well-cooked and the family who run it are just wonderful.

Birthday 69 02Bobo himself speaks very good English and is extremely amusing (even if not always politically correct), his long-suffering wife Maria is a sweetie and the young people who wait at the tables have inherited all of their father’s good cheer and their mother’s good looks! (I do hope Bobo reads this one day!).

We had a great meal and at the end not only was I given a present of a bottle of wine but Maria had also made a wonderfully creamy cake which was topped by a Roman (or should it be Greek) Candle. Amazing!

69 Birthday 01

Finally, we wended our way back to Kavousi to round off the evening with a raki, It really was a day to remember. I don’t think I have ever had a swim on my birthday before – after all, November 21 is not usually quite warm enough in the UK! I think I could learn to like this place!

Thanks to Sheila for planning everything with her usual efficiency and to Auriol, Peter and Helen for joining in so enthusiastically.

And finally, I couldn’t resist including this picture taken from our terrace on Saturday evening …..

Crete 87 055




6 thoughts on “One helluva birthday!

  1. Mairi Marlborough

    Thank you Margaret – you are a star!!! It worked ok without any airdrop – tried and trusted are the best. Email has been down all day at school so just got them now. Think the cloud is maybe about to burst! See you on Saturday? Mairi x

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Annie

    Belated happy birthday John, sounds like you had a wonderful one – now how to to beat that for your 70th [70th ??? shurely shome mishtake!] next year! Love, Annie and Gid xx


  3. Veronica Willins

    Very happy belated big 69 birthday ,John- looks like you had a fabulous day and looking none the worse for wear at the end of the day!!!I think the reiki finally got to you but what alot of partying youdid – so you must still be quite fit and practising for the Big One next year!! No doubt Sheila was with you all the way and I hear that 69 is a good position in which to be!!! Take care , God bless, Veronica xxoo



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