It’s all over now


It is the morning after the UK General Election. The house is very quiet! At midnight last night the BBC exit poll challenged all the other previous polls and it was proved correct. The Tories are back with a majority and there is a rout of Scottish Labour. I have supported the Labour party for most of my adult life so it is a shock to the system. This was the first time John was not involved in the organisation of a local Labour campaign but I can see there were probably bigger factors involved in this result!

An even bigger surprise in the political world was the New Democratic Party victory in Alberta, Canada. They beat the Progressive Conservatives who have been in power for 44 years. Because of family connections, I know a little bit about the politics in this part of the world and never believed that this day would happen. You can’t take anything for granted in the world of politics at present.

So onto other things, all good.  I am now in receipt of my old age state pension.  I am delighted although I still can’t quite believe that I have reached an age that I am eligible but on the other hand, if I was a younger woman I would be waiting till I was 66.

Our new pergola is now in place. Thassos came to put the material in place with John’s help.


It is going to look even better once the vine has grown and we can reach up for a bunch of grapes. You can see the vine climbing up the pole.


John’s son, James, came to visit last week and he relaxed in the sun and swam in the sea,


walked to Thripti and became part of our life here. He got to know our neighbours last summer and here is Maria presenting him with a cake,



showing him how pleased she was to receive the chocolate James brought her and how much she is fond of him.  His uncle and aunt, who were on holiday in Plakias on the south coast, came to visit and we had a pleasant afternoon, sitting under our new pergola having lunch


and later down to Tholos for a swim.


We visited new tavernas



and new beaches,


whilst still enjoying the old faithful, Tholos.



On Wednesday, we attended our Greek class in the morning, went to the beach in Galini (near to where we used to live) in the afternoon and then played boules at the special ‘pitch’ at Hans and Hanneke’s house with them and Walter.


Suffice to say I did not win but it was a lot of fun.


And the goat and spaghetti dish that Hanneke had prepared was delicious.

We have been watching  ‘I Claudius’ on our Smart new TV, a series I missed in the 1970’s. I am a lot more informed about the lives of the Roman Emperors but it seems that the strength of the Roman Empire was not matched by the quality of the Emperors!

I leave for Scotland tomorrow and am looking particularly to seeing my mother’s friend, Mollie who was 100 recently. Time is limited before I go to London, meet John and we catch up with family and friends in the South of England. That being said I will miss the gifts




and the water049which significantly warmed up during the last week.




4 thoughts on “It’s all over now

  1. Mairi Marlborough

    Looking forward to seeing you too – still at school but off home to hear the post election chat – switched on at 5 am this morning but haven’t heard the final tally. Our lovely MP is out replaced by the SNP. So sorry for these good constituency MPs who have been routed – let down by the lack of a charismatic and trust inspiring Labour leader. Safe journey – the cocoa will be waiting xx


  2. Veronica Willins

    Sheila, Sorry for the delay in replying to your last e-mail but have been very busy here. Will send a separate at a later time. Yes, the election results were quite startling and devastating for some(most) but i was quite happy with the outcome- covered both of my bases!!Out with one , in with the other and a bonus of SNP seats in Westminster- plus a majority for Cam.(only just) but at least he’s on his own now!!what a shake up, to be sure!! good to hear that you are coming back for a wee visit, it will be lovely for you to see your mum’s friend Mollie and have a wee toast with her!! Wonder what she thinks of the election results!!?
    Pictures of john’s sons visit are lovely as are the others and looks like you have your good weather back again. the pergola looks very good too as do you in your colourful outfit outside th e taverna!! What a lifestyle and the beaches look super, to boot!!
    Business reply to follow soon!!
    Veronica xxoo


  3. Annie

    Nice photos as always, great to see pics of Walter, Hans and Hanneke as well – reminding us of the nice times we had with them! Hmmm, yes, the election was a stunner and am very sorry about the demise of the Labour Party. You have both been stalwarts, and I was very active in the LP in my Aberdeen days. But they have done themselves no favours in recent times, lets hope they pick up the pieces and become a party of the people again. To be discussed when we meet soon Sheila! xx


  4. Marsali

    Missed this post last month so catching up now…..

    Well. Can’t say anything good about the election. 5 more years of Tory is devastating. The country will continue to diverge into greater haves and have nots. Global Corporations will still pay less tax than I do. The disabled will be well and truly screwed over in the new round of cuts. Child Poverty targets are being ‘redefined’ so that the carnage is less apparent. The country is totally split along a compassion and anti-austerity fault line that used to be called the border. No wonder people choose to move continents. And as for the SNP? 5 more years of centralising and hoodwinking the electorate into thinking we might, at some point, go it alone. Our politics is a busted flush.

    On a positive note? Your beaches are blissful!



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