New Blog

As mentioned in my previous Post, we are about to start a new Blog, which can be found at:

Sheila will shortly publish the first Post. It is possible that you may be alerted automatically but just in case, we are taking the precaution of making this announcement!

Thanks for following us on this Blog and we hope you will continue to do so on the new one.



One thought on “New Blog

  1. BURT, TIM P.

    Great title – I get teased for using the word “daft”!


    Professor T.P. Burt
    Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Colleges and Student Experience)
    Master of Hatfield College
    Professor of Geography
    Dean for Environmental Sustainability
    President, Field Studies Council

    Secretary: Janet Raine

    T: 0191 334 2601
    F: 0191 334 3101

    [The Collegiate Way for email]

    The Collegiate Way: university education in a collegiate context



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