This Blog is about our life in Crete.

Having spent the winter of 2011/12 in Ferma on the south-east coast (see our Blog ‘Wintering in Crete’), we returned in November 2012 having sold our house in Scotland to see how we would like living here permanently. Our Blog ‘ A Year in Crete’ is a record of the following year.

We quickly realised that this was where we wanted to be and set about finding somewhere to buy. In November 2013, we moved into an old house in the village of Kavousi on the north-east coast and this new blog ‘Staying on in Crete’ will we hope, follow on from what has gone before, telling the tale of how we deal with the ups and downs of life here with our elderly collie, Bonnie.

John and Sheila


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Mike Etches

    Hi John and Sheila, many thanks for your card which arrived today. Well, you’ve turned 69 John and I turned 70 in July and became a grandfather in October to a baby girl Isabelle Mary-Rose Etches. It’s been a bit of a mixed year as my Mum died just before my birthday after a short illness. She was 93 and pretty fit and well until the start of the year. I’m still singing in the Rock Choir and performed on stage in the Summer (with about 60 others) and we recorded some songs at Abbey Road too. I’m very interested in your blog as I’ve been thinking about setting one up too. Are you happy with Word Press ? Please let me have your Crete address so I can send a card and some photos. Also a copy of another article I’ve had published, Breaking news: Mike Claydon has just got married again and I think he’s 72 ! Best wishes for now, Mike


  2. Libby

    Hi there, we received post yesterday with your address sticker on it. After a quick google I found your lovely blog & thought you’d appreciate knowing that Miss Crawford doesn’t live here any more. She passed away nearly 3 years ago now. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Libby x


    1. John Post author

      Hi Libby. Thanks very much for taking the trouble to find the blog and to let me know about Sheila Crawford. She was a friend of my mothers. For many years before my mother died I used to send Christmas cards on her behalf. When my mother died 4 years ago, John and I moved to Crete, first for 3 months, then a year and then we bought a house to live here fulltime because we like it so much. In the meantime, few Christmas cards were sent but this year I thought I would make sure everyone on my list knew where I lived! Hopefully this explains why the card was sent! Thanks again for letting me know. Sheila


  3. Nick Davenport

    My name is Nick Davenport and I too have recently retired as a Willis pensioner, though I continue to have a portfolio insurance life. I come to Greece as often as possible as Rodney Croker, who used to be MD of Willis in Athens, and his son John run a very successful MGA in Athens, which is my client. My wife and I do a lot of yoga and 2 years ago we went to Phil and Helen’s wonderful yoga retreat at Triapetra, which features in your blog. It’s quite strange to see familiar pictures of such a remote place! I could not recommend it more for a yoga holiday and also Pavlos’s taverna just round the corner. Nothing in the world is better than sitting looking at a Greek sunset with some grilled barbouni and a glass of ouzo! I’m tempted to follow your example – are there any houses for sale? (half serious!)



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